5 of the Best Waterfalls in Bali

Heaven is on earth – and it’s discovered by exploring Bali’s incredible waterfalls.

Yes, the island paradise is better known for cocktails at sunset, diverse markets, stunning temples and beautiful white sands. But the waterfalls are secret treasures that you simply can’t miss.

So if you like heading off the beaten track in search of a hidden waterfall location beyond your wildest dreams, then read on. We’ve found five Bali waterfalls you’ll never forget …

1. Gitgit Waterfall – Singaraja

Gitgit is the perfect place to start, as you can arrive by car, scooter or bus and it’s impossible to miss the twin falls. In fact, the scene of the 35m Gitgit waterfall is one of Bali’s iconic tourist locations, with shops nearby but still resplendent in lush greenery and a high chance of spotting a monkey or two. But if you believe in local legends and you’re newly married, here’s a warning: don’t take a dip under the waterfall or you risk cursing your relationship!

Photo credit via Flickr: Kecek

2. Tegenungan Waterfall – Ubud

You might normally look for waterfalls in the highlands, but that’s not where you’ll find Tegenungan. In fact, if you’re visiting Ubud, you’re almost there already – and on your trip to the waterfall, you also get to take in a beautiful temple. The natural springs are the perfect place for a dip, and those with an eye for a snap will love the way the beautiful afternoon light is filtered through the heavy, crisp and clean water as it falls.

Photo credit via Flickr: Gus Aik

3. Sekumpul Waterfall – Singaraja

The first two waterfalls are easy to find, but trust us – Sekumpul really is the most beautiful. To get up close and personal, you’ll have to put your adventurer’s hat on as you negotiate the crossing of a river and over 100 slippery steps. But it’s well worth the trek, as you won’t find just one waterfall – there are actually seven! Each one reaches higher and higher into the trees, with the biggest boasting a whopping 80m fall.

Photo credit via Flickr: Putu Ariawan

4. Nungnung Waterfall – Petang

Now you’re really heading for the clouds, as you reach Nungnung Waterfall, a dizzying 900m above sea level. It’s a remote, quieter spot, where even though you can take a car, you need to be prepared for a long descent of over 500 steps. As you approach, start to follow your ears in search of the source of the thunderous waterfall sound – it’s home to one of the very best Bali waterfalls. Don’t forget your camera!

Photo credit via Flickr: Viktor Zacek

5. Jembong Waterfall – Sukasada

Given the proximity to Gitgit, nearby Jembong Waterfall can often be forgotten even by the locals – but not by us! Jembong is just as stunning but it’s even less spoiled or attended, contributing to the legend about spiritual healings that take place here by the day. The trek to the waterfall is uniquely lined by cacao trees, and the water flow is gentle, calm and peaceful, making the water pool below the perfect place for an easy dip.

Photo credit via Flickr: Galeri Ari Kurniawan

For whatever reason, you visit Bali next, make sure to add the island’s many incredible waterfalls to the Bali bucket list. From easy, spectacular finds to hidden treasures that will satisfy the most adventurous nature junkie, Bali’s best waterfalls are breathtaking, diverse, spectacular and peaceful.