Canang Sari

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When staying in Bali, you may notice offerings being placed around homes or even your accommodation. These daily offerings are known as Canang Sari. They can be placed anywhere from the family temple, underneath the statue of the Hindu god, or in doorways and walkways. Explore Bali in the morning, and it is likely that you will see these offerings placed everywhere. They are just one of the spiritual aspects of Balinese culture.

Upon noticing the Canang Sari, it can seem as though they are merely a woven basket filled with items that have been chosen at random. However, these brightly coloured items all have a specific and unique meaning and have been chosen for a specific purpose. For instance, the Trimurti are typically represented. Vishnu has a red betel, Shiva is a white lime, while a Gambier plant is chosen for Brahma. The ritual is completed to maintain peace and balance between Bhur and Suarga. This ensures that there is peace in Buwah. It is based on the idea that the world is made up of both positive and negative energies, but it is up to the individual to ensure harmony and balance in our own lives and the world.