Kuningan Day

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This day is notable as it is the end of the Galungan holiday. It begins ten days from the end of Galungan. In Bali, villagers believe this is the time when their ancestors spirits leave the earth and journey back to heaven. The ceremony occurs every 210 days due to the lunar calendar. Offerings are provided to their ancestors to mark their departure from this world. Offerings can vary but will typically include a small bowl of yellow rice. The bowl is actually created from coconut leaves, and they look incredibly beautiful. As well as this, on this day, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi is said to give his blessings to the whole world.

Typically, all the celebrations on this day occur before noon as many people believe after this the spirits have already returned to heaven. You will see many beautiful decorations hanging outside homes and around temples on this day such as the Tamiang. The Tamiang refers to a defense or protection and is designed as a reminder to humans that they must protect themselves from bad behaviour. Some villages also have Barongs. These ‘creatures’ look like lions and travel from home to home with children following while beautiful music is played on Balinese instruments.