Nyepi Day

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Nyepi Day, the day of silence is a day to mark the beginning of the New Year. The world falls silent and Hindu people are not allowed to work or participate in any act of indulgence. Everything shuts down including the tropical holiday destination of Bali with Hindus retreating to their homes to be with their family and meditate. The only sound heard on the island during this day will be that of nature. Streets are closed, no one is allowed on the beaches, and it is even prohibited to have lights on during this time or even to leave your home.

There are four obligations of Nyepi that must be followed by Hindus. These are known as Catur Brata Penyepian. First, Hindus are not allowed to eat or drink and must fast for 24 hours. Second, no light is allowed during this time so through the night the whole of Bali is submerged in darkness. Third, there will no work or work activities allowed during this time. Finally, you can not leave your home. As such, nobody will be out on the streets except for the Pecalang. These are individuals chosen to make sure that the four obligations are followed.

The idea of this ritual is to have a day free from stress, from pollution and from the impurities of the soul. As a day of self-introspection, it is intended to ensure Hindus appreciate the values of their life.