Pengerupukan Day

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This ritual, known as the Bhuta Yajna rids the world of negative elements, creating a balance between mankind, nature and god. This ancient ritual is supposed to appease Batara Kala. During this time a live animal sacrifice is traditionally used as a Pecauran offering. Visiting Bali during the Pengrupukan ceremony, you will notice a great noise as pots and bangs are clanged together to flush out the demons. As well as this, the air is filled with the smell of coconut as dried coconut leaf torches are burned.

Demonic statues are also made of bamboo, tinsel and styrofoam. These statues, known as Ogoh-Ogoh can be based on characters of Hindu myth, spirits or simply negative elements. The statues are paraded through the streets before being burned in cemeteries. You might seem them on display outside town halls or some even end up in museums.

This ceremony occurs on the day before Nyepi, to purify the world before the beginning of a New Year. All the villagers will participate in the ceremony to rid their home of the evil spirits and get them away from their lives. Typically the parade of statues begins between 7 and 9 pm, and a massive crowd of people can be seen on the main road. During this time, most restaurants will be closed.