A Guide to an Enchanting Day in Ubud

Ah Ubud, for many there’s no better place to be then this beautiful Balinese town, located between rice paddies and embedded in culture. Thousands of tourists head over to Bali every year and can’t resist taking a trip to this small town that has more than meets the eye. But how should you spend your day here?

A Morning Cup Of Coffee

Begin your morning with a lovely cup of coffee. This may sound like a simple and slightly dull option. But there are exquisite, unique coffee houses in Ubud a caffeine enthusiast won’t want to miss. Do make sure you try the Roasted Enak Arabica Kintamani Coffee. The name might be a mouthful, but the actual coffee is absolutely delicious.

See The Monkeys

After you’ve enjoyed a nice cup of coffee like nothing you’ve tasted before, it’s time to take a trip to see the Monkeys. These monkeys are believed to be descendants of the god Hanuman and when you meet them yourself, you’ll certainly see why. The mischievous long-tailed fellows love anything shiny so you may want to hide your jewellery, watches and sunglasses. You can visit the Monkey Forest Sanctuary anytime between 8am and 6pm, but it’s best to go early when the monkeys are most active.

Check Out Incredible Art Galleries

Don’t miss the art around Ubud. The local art can be spotted all around the town, but you can start by checking out the Naka Contemporary Art Gallery. Even if you’re not an art enthusiast, you’ll have a hard time ignoring the spectacular beauty on display here.

Spend An Hour Or Two On Yourself

Ubud is a perfect place to get yourself pampered and heal both your body and spirit. If you don’t believe that, you’ve clearly never been. Don’t bother with the common spa centres. Instead, head to somewhere like the Ubud Sari Health Resort. Here you can get yourself an incredible volcanic ash mud-bath that is far more relaxing than it sounds. It’s just one of the amazing services available at this award-winning spa.

Visit A Hidden Attraction

While not completely hidden, the Elephant Cave is largely unknown which is peculiar considering it’s a World Heritage site. You’ll find the 11th-century Hindu Buddhist cave just outside the town of Ubud. Here you’ll enter through the mouth of a demon. There are many reasons to visit this mysterious and enchanting spot including the chance to see beautiful temples and gigantic trees.

See The Spirits Of The Air

Finish your day with an incredible display of nature. Take a trip to the villa of Petulu, just ten minutes away from Ubud. Here, as the sun begins to set across the land, you will see literally thousands of white herons fly down to the village. The story behind this occurrence is fascinating. Locals believe, since they started to appear after a 1965 massacre, these birds are spirits returning to protect the village, and it’s people.

Ubud is a place filled with mystery and brimming with possibilities. You may find a day there isn’t enough to enjoy the many activities and see all the sights. But if you are only spending 24 hours in this historic town, don’t miss these enchanting experiences.