Best Temples in Bali

The ancient temples of Bali are still astounding, hundreds of years after they were built. The intricate stone carvings and gorgeous natural settings of these five top Bali temples simply can’t be missed!

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot temple can be found on an island, and is a simply stunning location at sunset. This ancient Hindu shrine is surrounded by crashing waves on the coast of Beraban village in Tabanan in the west of Bali. It’s an easy 45 minute day trip from Kuta, or you can stay and take in the facilities including dance performances, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. Try to come during the religious holiday of Kunigan for colourful ceremonies and amazing photo opportunities! (Image by Harry Kessell)

Goa Gajah

This temple in the central Bali location of Ubud translates into ‘Elephant Cave’. This underground complex was built as a place to meditate, and is one of the more beautiful and mysterious temples of Bali. A vast complex, you can see an ancient swimming pool, meeting hall and many impressive stone relics. (image by Wikipedia)


Nestled among a rainforest that many grey long-tailed macaque monkeys call home, Uluwatu temple has an incredible view of crashing waves that are perfect for surfing. You can see dance performances such as the Ramayana ballet or Kecak dance if you want to take in some culture in the temple’s Amphitheatre.

While it’s beautiful all year round, try to visit on the temple’s anniversary, every ‘Kliwon Medangsya’ Tuesday on the Balinese 210-day pawukon calendar. This means you can join the festivities with visiting pilgrims. (Image by Adam Hill)


This most ancient of ancient temples in Eastern Bali is often referred to as the region’s ‘mother temple’. It’s an intricate complex of different clan temples and shrines that you can spend quite some time exploring. Found at 1,000 metres above sea level on Mount Agung, you can take in some stunning views as you meander by ancient shrines. There are also more than 70 celebrations held here each year, to celebrate the anniversary of each unique shrine. (image by Gerhard Neuwirth)

5 of our favourite fresh food markets in Bali

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, make sure to put visiting a fresh food market or three on your ‘must do’ list.

We all associate the island paradise with great shopping, as Bali is famous for its local craft, clothing, artwork, furniture, retail and boutique options. From a bargain hunter who is keen to haggle, to a five-star luxury buyer, Bali has it all.

But if you know Bali, you also know that delicious, healthy, fresh and exotic food is a big part of the culture.

We’re talking meat, fish, tropical fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices and even exotic flowers – and more!

The best fresh food markets are a veritable feast for the senses and a brilliant insight into the daily life of the Balinese people and culture. It’s where the locals earn and spend their money, start their day with conversation, and buy their supplies, ingredients and even clothes.

Here are five of our favourites for you to visit:

1. Candi Kuning Market, Bedugul

If fresh fruit and flowers are your thing, this is the popular market for you. Get up early and head into the highlands of central Bali, where local farm communities trade their colour-bursting flowers, tropical fruits and souvenirs for the crucial tourist market. Top tip: Grab some unfamiliar tropical fruits like a mangosteen or tamarillo – you’ll love them!

2. Kedonganan Fish Market, Jimbaran

Bali is an island paradise known for its pristine beaches and coral reefs – and that means some of the best fresh seafood in the world. The Kedonganan Fish Market is also ideally situated for an early visit during your stay in Bali, as it’s not far from the airport and the sightseeing is nothing short of amazing. Nestled alongside the fishing boats, the seafood doesn’t get any fresher here, and if you need some extra supplies, head to the nearby grocery market. Top tip: If you’re peckish and can’t wait until lunch, ask a vendor to clean and even grill your seafood pick for the freshest snack ever!

3. Badung Market, Denpasar

Denpasar is the gateway to Bali, and the Badung Market is a popular and unmissable landmark. On the bank of the Badung river, you can get it all at Bali’s main traditional market that almost never sleeps. We’re talking fruit and seafood, but also knick-knacks and other daily necessities. Top tip: Don’t be afraid to haggle! It’s an expected and even necessary part of Balinese market life, and for the savvy shopper, prices are incredibly affordable, particularly in Badung.

4. Ubud Traditional Market, Ubud

You may associate the Ubud market with local art, and you’d be right. But right alongside it is the morning fresh food market, where you can get your fruits, vegetables and flowers. Top tip: If you’re really keen to get the best food offerings in Ubud, join the locals in getting to the food market nice and early – we’re talking before sunrise! Image source:

5. Kuta Market, Kuta

A bit like the popular Ubud art market, Kuta is probably best associated with its own brilliant art market which is located on the beach. But it’s the completely separate Kuta food market where the locals will be shopping for their fresh daily supplies – just be prepared for a crowd and some traffic congestion! The best time to visit is early, but if you’re late then you’ll watch the transition to a souvenir market and be sure to grab a real bargain. Top tip: Can’t find the market you’re looking for? Ask a friendly local. All over Bali, locals earn their money by selling what they make and grow, and visitors are constantly discovering hidden gems that they’ll come back for time and time again.

Happy shopping!