2 Bedroom Villas Seminyak

2 Bedroom Villas Seminyak

Need a little more room to stretch out? Mayaloka Villas offer beautiful villas with two separate bedrooms that may be perfect for your Seminyak getaway.

Perfect for a group of friends, a growing family, or two couples, our two bedroom villas in Seminyak are a roomy 325 square metres. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, making Mayaloka Villas’ two-bedroom selection a highly popular choice for a relaxing, sociable and yet still private holiday of a lifetime.

Mayaloka Villas’ 2 bedroom offering means all guests have privacy as they take in the blissful surroundings of our tropical setting, including a turquoise private pool for the party to share and enjoy.

Meet up with your family members or friends in the shaded sitting area to watch some TV or recline in a modern couch. Soak up the perfect combination of comfort, luxury and social times with Mayaloka Villas’ attention to detail and stylish design that is the best of modern meets traditional.

Our 2 bedroom villas in Seminyak are the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a luxurious trip you want to share with family and friends.

The living spaces are beautifully designed, so you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to paradise with all the features and conveniences of a modern home – and more!

You’ll love the luxurious canopy beds, the romantic outdoor bathtub and shower, the thatched roof and hardwoods, the tropical ambience, and so much more. Mayaloka Villas’ 2 bedroom villas are the perfect way to relax your mind, body and soul in unmistakably Balinese style.

The turquoise pool is overlooked by shaded sunbeds for those lazy days, surrounded by traditional-meets-chic lush Balinese gardens. There’s always a place for the guest seeking privacy to relax and then come together for shared meals and good times in a 2 bedroom villa Seminyak.

Ready to get away to one of our popular 2 bedroom Seminyak villas? Our guests come back time and time again for another holiday of a lifetime at Mayaloka Villas, so join them by booking today.

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